1 Atahualpa Basic Theme Customization Tutorial. What is Atahualpa?. Why I Use the Atahualpa Theme in WordPress | Working At Home With Atahualpa Tutorial Part 1: Installing Atahualpa Theme | Malaysia Internet Marketing. Atahualpa is now live at . Removed references and instructions to/for ancient WP & Atahualpa.

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BytesForAll WordPress Themes » Atahualpa

Any amount is appreciated. A tool to create Premium WordPress Themes. It might also be helpful to have a screen shot in the explanation of how to upload the tuotrial.

Een voorbeeld hiervan is Atahualpa.

First of all, they do not have a blog title that they used through WP. Header Area Item Order: I used the Atahualpa theme from BytesForAll as the starting point. Save your work and go futorial your website and check out your new rotator image header.

To get your images proportionate, I would recommend that you choose a large horizontal photo that you can them, and will be large enough to resize smaller if necessary. You will edit the background color of your main content layout container or table in this box: Important graphical elements Getting Started: You can delete the photos that the Atahualpa has in this folder.

This is what Otto from WordPress says: Atahualpa About this project: Thanks also to all the people who wrote nice things about Atahualpa on their sites, and to the translators that provided language packs.


Now choose your own images. There are only a few features I […]. Developer is providing latest version of Atahualpa theme in his site only. Get Atahualpa Theme […]. Atahualpa has a high keeper rate, too. I am using the Genesis Framework with BeeCrafty […]. If you want to have a banner image and logo, create your own and upload it to your theme folder. Now, lets look at the header area of the Raising Hope page: Type in your website address and check it out.

You can update from within your WordPress admin area.

You should have your layout container filled in with your new color and the background colors of athaualpa sidebars still in white. December 31, Subscribe. This theme is so customisable that you can change the […].

5. How To Style Atahualpa WordPress Theme

Rearrange your header items in atahualpx order you want based on the 10 header items they list for you in the options. At the top of the page, you should notice the banner rotating image box. For questions check out the forum at http: Notice how the order of the header section has changed: Just released on wordpress. Below are some free themes that I have tried out.

BytesForAll WordPress Themes

Tutoriwl should now have a working theme, and you are ready to start customizing different sections. Your page should now look something like this I customized my main content color atahuala be an orange like color, my sidebars are a yellow like color, and my footer is a green like color: The auto slideshow for default WP galleries is here: To make sure that it is working, type in your website address. Vote for Atahualpa Recent Comments Sanjeev: Hello Montezuma theme supports latest version of WordPress i.


By default they are enabled in Atahualpa, which is a very rich and full-featured theme. The preview seems to be not working, see http: This theme has a […].

Upload your images to the theme folder. Here are some more numbers: By practicing and observing how to make these changes using a sample page, you will understand where to go and hutorial to do to to make your own unique header area. To the right of it is the Blog Title. Sorry, neglected to look there in Thee to Change the Rotating Images: It will get the long overdue technique for saving assets into the WP uploads folder and many other things, one by one.